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Safe And Sound KiddyCare - Press Release

New Company Sells Baby Products in the United States through Amazon
Safe and Sound KiddyCare will be selling baby care merchandise in the United States through the popular e-commerce site,
Among its initial products will be the Baby Corner Protectors which has the capability to protect infants from injury in case of accidental falls. This consists of an eight-pack, transparent safety rubber guards placed on furniture corners to keep kids from being injured by sharp or blunt edges.
There have been many incidents in American households when parents or nannies left their wards unattended for a few seconds. This resulted in unfortunate accidents wherein infants suffered from severe wounds or impairment.
According to recent statistics, over two million kids below 15 years old suffer from unexpected mishaps inside and outside the house each year. Most of them are brought to emergency units of hospitals. There may be serious consequences if the heads of babies or other …

Safe And Sound KiddyCare Corner Guards


Baby Corner Guards